A Welcome Light

It feels like a secret, getting a peek at books not yet on shelves in bookstores or libraries. Gathered in the zoom room for the faculty reading tonight, we scroll across pages of tiny boxes before the event officially begins, spotting familiar faces and names. 

This is a ritual from residency, where we collect as cohorts to share glimpses of our works in progress, getting to know each other through our writing. 

Tonight it’s our teachers and advisors—luminaries in the writing world—walking the talk of vulnerability, of building community through sharing their heart’s work. 

One by one they take the zoom stage, reading from projects ready to cartwheel into the world and wow us all. 

The VCFA community celebrates each writer and their art with hands waving madly and a chat box overflowing with love. (Oh, to be on campus together for this—someday soon!)

We are thankful to be in the (zoom) room. 

It is warm here, where writers gather.

Every day in the month of March, I will be blogging with the team at Two Writing Teachers Blog for the Slice of Life Story Challenge.


  1. Morgan

    I love the way you paint this as such a warm and welcome space and remind us that it is all happening remotely. I wonder if that makes the process of sharing your writing (their writing) easier.


  2. Lainie Levin

    Where there is community, there is warmth. Glad and grateful that you were able to get some of both, and grateful that you shared it with the rest of us, too.

    Liked by 1 person

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