Writing Date

I pull into space number one, search for the phone number in my contacts, and share my card number with the friendly voice on the other end of the line. 

While I wait, I go back to the audiobook I had been listening to on the drive over: The Wicked King, by Holly Black. The sun is out, and I open the sunroof, roll down the back window. 

I took a half day today—such a dreamy thing to do on a Monday. Before the week gets as crazy as I know it will, this rare half day helps me to get a jump start on my writing. I won’t feel as stressed about not having enough writing time over the next few long days if I can hit a groove today.

(I say this like I didn’t spend the majority of my waking hours over this past weekend writing. . . which I did. My life right now is a whole lot of writing.) 

Out of the corner of my eye, I see the librarian approaching with two large bags. I am reading like a demon in this MFA program, and I am so appreciative of curbside checkout. She smiles like someone who genuinely feels a kinship for anyone else who would read this much as she places the bags in the backseat through the open window. 

I thank her, and I can’t wait to crack into those bags. 

I head to a local eatery where I’ll be able to sit outside (far, far from others)—reading, writing, and basking in the sunshine. I’m easing my way into the week.

Every day in the month of March, I’m blogging with the team at Two Writing Teachers Blog for the Slice of Life Story Challenge.


  1. Morgan

    I love the imagery from the cautiousness with which you approach your seating to the many mentions of the fresh air I know was a welcome part of the day, from the open window to the outside eatery. So glad your week started this way!


  2. carlambrown

    Dear Amy,

    How refreshing it is to see your love and enthusiasm for the written word. I feel your excitement reverberate through my screen, and it causes me to treasure even more the many memories I’ve relished from my childhood. Thank you for reminding us that books can still yield a real bliss well into adulthood. #simplybeautiful

    Liked by 1 person

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