Waiting for Snow

We’re getting snow this weekend. Big snow. The kind of snow that people who don’t live in Colorado assume we deal with constantly (but we really don’t). 

The truth is that it’s blue skies 300+ days a year here, and when it does snow, sunshine almost always drives it away in a hurry. 

However. . . 

Monday morning, the weather forecaster devoted time in the rush hour forecast to share the top three snowfall records of all time. Clue #1 that this snow might get serious. But it was almost 70 degrees Monday and Tuesday, so it was hard to get too worked up at that point. 

Although. . . 

That’s exactly how Colorado gets you, with it’s spring snows. Days or weeks of gorgeous weather and then—bam—crazy snow out of nowhere. 

So. . . 

On Wednesday evening, I had groceries delivered. You know, just in case. I didn’t have the patience to fight the crowds at the store—people get nutty when they think there’s going to be a blizzard. And while nutty is not my jam, I didn’t want to end up eating saltine crackers all weekend either. (Keeping my kitchen stocked like a normal grown up is also apparently not my jam.)

Then. . . 

On Thursday, my principal reminded us all to bring home teaching materials and devices—just in case there is a snow day (or remote teaching day) on Monday. A three day heads up on a potential snow day seemed excessive. . . but I packed up what I might need to teach my kindergartners from home. 

Today is Friday. . . 

and the forecast says two feet, near constant snow over Saturday and Sunday. The kind of snow where the only thing to be done is hunker down and revel in the quiet that two feet of snow brings to the world. 

No shortage of practice in the hunkering down department. 

And now. . . 

We wait—eyes on the sky.

Every day in the month of March, I’ll be blogging with the team at Two Writing Teachers Blog for the Slice of Life Story Challenge. Join us!


  1. VanessaVaile

    As soon I saw the “Waiting for Snow” title, I knew, hey this is another Colorado blogger. Over here on the NE, it’s looking more like lots of rain with some snow. At least that’s what everyone here in Yuma hopes. Whichever way it turns out, the weekend does not promise good (or any kind of) walking weather. The October snow view from my porch is still my FB page cover photo. Every time I think I should change pics, it snows again….

    I like the structure. Love the icy tree.


  2. macksworldsite

    I grew up just outside of Denver (in Arvada) and although I greatly miss most things Colorado, I do not miss the crazy weather. My friends are posting pictures of empty supermarket shelves.

    Good luck to you, from a survivor of the blizzard of ’82.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Morgan

    I love the use of the ellipses. It reminds me of Katie Wood Ray’s invitation to kids. You are the kind of writer who experiments with punctuation and it adds so much to the anticipation of this piece. Waiting with you…

    Liked by 1 person

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