Just Say(ing) No

I’ve officially given up grocery shopping.


No more.

Life is too short, as they say. 

It started during the pandemic—having groceries delivered. I was okay with paying a little bit extra to avoid the crowds. I’m keeping myself and others safe, I rationalized. 

I tried out a couple of stores and systems for ordering and delivery, eventually settling on a favorite. I managed to let go of things like inspecting my own produce—no need to micromanage, I decided. 

Somewhere along the way, I began to notice what a time-saver it was, not having to stop by the store on my way home from work. I began to appreciate the absence of that particular errand. Weaving up and down the aisles, standing in line, navigating the crowded parking lot. . . I loved being able to grocery shop from home in my pajamas instead, choosing the day and time they would be lovingly deposited on my front porch. 

I got really comfortable not grocery shopping, even as most of the rest of the world went back to the store. 

Perhaps, too comfortable? 

Because now, I can’t go back. I really cannot make myself. 

I did try. 

It was perhaps a mistake to choose New Year’s Eve day to venture back into the grocery store for the first time in almost two years. . . Of course it was a complete zoo, with lines extending back for miles, everyone grouchy behind their masks. 

Imagine all that is unpleasant about grocery shopping packed into one sweaty, anxiety-inducing outing. 

It may have scarred me for life. 

The good news is that I don’t actually have to go grocery shopping. As much as it had been a (presumably) inevitable routine in life, I have discovered that it is not.

So, no guilt. No shame. Just not doing it anymore.


  1. Fran McCrackin

    I know people who share this with you! But not me, I have to micromanage, as you cleverly put it. Now that there exists another option, we may divide people into those who grocery shop and those who don’t!
    My favorite part of your piece is of ordering in your pajamas and seeing them “lovingly deposited on” your porch.

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  2. glenda funk

    I don’t blame you for not entering the grocery story. I still go, but always w/ my husband whom I’ve tried to coerce into online shopping. I’d still have to go for produce because our stores have the crappiest produce in the country, so I have to select it myself. I can’t eat soft grapes, for example.

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  3. faitho123

    I wish I could let this task go as well- It is a time sucker for sure. But I am such a control person that I need to pick out my own things such as meat and produce and of course my own desserts. SIGH….good for you! I am envious, maybe one day I will get there too-

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  4. JenniferM

    Us too!!! We order for pickup at our grocery store (no delivery fee, and just as easy), and I’m not sure we’ll ever go back, except occasionally to pick out something specific. Especially with little kids, it’s just so. much. easier. 🙂

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  5. terisblog302496239

    I have not been able to let this task go completely. But, when I make the time to order online and schedule a pickup time, it really is a great feeling knowing all of that food will be brought out to me. It’s so convenient and saves tons of time.

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  6. thewriteapple

    I love how you describe the groceries arriving. I have tried pick up and delivery. Because of the shortages on so many things I receive odd substitution. But it is nice not having to go into the grocery store- maybe I’ll revisit delivery because it is great to find a way to free up some time!

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  7. livinglife816287820

    Your slice is so interesting, I can understand busy people deciding to avoid grocery shopping. It’s obvious many people do online now or click and collect as we have here in Australia. Thank you for making the stores less busy for those that still like to shop in person!

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