Signs of Spring

Late Friday afternoon
the playground
with voices calling out
after months
of silence.

Students long ago 
shooed home after last bell,
a discouragement
to gather
that has become
the norm. 

on this last day
of winter
that does not feel
like winter anymore,
kids return,
and the playground
comes back to life. 

Feet slide through rocks
as kids chase and laugh.
Swings clang.
Balls bounce.
Hands squeak across bars. 

a deer springs
along the edge of the field:
Two, three, four—
no, it’s five! 
Bounding in line
as if they 
have come out to play. 

We all freeze—
kids hanging from monkey bars,
at the tops of slides,
playing basketball.
Parents taking eyes off kids,
me on my way
to my car—
we all freeze—
hands at our foreheads. 

We watch
and we hope. 


  1. Lainie Levin

    What a delightful collection of phrases and images here. I can picture the “shooing away” of students last year. It’s what we did – of only we knew what a farewell it really would be. Then there’s the scene of everyone outside, the joyful chaos of children in the school yard we no longer take for granted. And then, once again, all stops – only this time, for a moment of wonder. Beautiful.

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  2. Radutti

    Love the image of feet sliding through rocks. This post is really about renewal and a fresh start, and I really appreciate the way you’ve ended it on a hopeful note. Seems like we all need it at the moment. Thanks for a beautiful slice! 🙂


  3. Stacey Shubitz

    This is so beautiful, Amy. I can feel the joy!
    I especially loved this stanza:
    Students long ago
    shooed home after last bell,
    a discouragement
    to gather
    that has become
    the norm.
    Being shooed home… that sure is how it felt.


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