Because We’re Both Vaccinated

Yesterday on my way home from work, I stopped by a friend’s house to pick something up. She opened the door with a warm welcome, and I went in (a house that is not mine!). 

We sat at her kitchen table, and we talked for almost two hours (without masks!). Oh, how fun!

When I left, she tucked a package of homemade brownies in the box. (What is this craziness? Since when can we share food??)

It was the weirdest, perfectly normal experience. 

All evening, I kept thinking about it. 

And it’s the brownies I can’t shake. A simple act of kindness that bowls me over when I realize how much time has passed since I’ve been on either end of that exchange. 

In the month of March I am blogging with the team at Two Writing Teachers Blog as part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge. Join us!


  1. Morgan

    In so many moments I can feel you shedding the fear and focus of the last year. You went in, stayed, showed your face, accepted the gesture and I can tell you feel more like you with each one.


  2. carwilc

    So crazy, all that we have not done for a year… And so nice to be starting to put a few of these lovely sweet pieces- friends, conversations, shared treats– back into place in our lives.


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