Test Driving Spring

In the parking lot
outside the coffee shop
a woman
in orange and black spandex
rides a mountain bike
back and forth,
circling rows of cars,
speeding up,
standing to bounce—
to imagine
how it might feel
to cross rougher terrain. 

Hair in a ponytail
sunglasses on,
she is considering
an investment
on this sunny afternoon. 

I watch the doors
of the bike shop,
to see what she decides. 

Across the lot
two men faux fly fish,
lines spinning out
overhead—forward and back,
forward and back. 

(I've learned not to park near that store.) 
In jeans
and flannel shirts,
they cast out
toward warmer days
to come—

test driving Spring. 


  1. Radutti

    LOVE the idea of test driving Spring, such an apt way to describe the behavior. It also made me think about test schedules determining Spring in a high-stakes testing school culture (as in, once we’re done with the tests we and the kids can finally move onto enjoying Spring – “Tests driving Spring”)

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