One Hour

I have one hour,
one latte,
one slice of pumpkin bread,
and one picture book
of an hour
of attention


close study. 

I crack the spine open,
smooth the pages
one by one. 

On the first read
I’m noticing
what it’s about,
how it’s organized,
where body
and heart



I am marveling
at Marla’s ability
to tell a story
with pictures,
to move from small to big,

small to big,

small to big. 

On each successive read,
I look for
what a child reader
will notice,
as they turn these pages
over days

and weeks

and years. 

I think about
how that child reader
will look at the world
and the people
in it
in new ways
because of this book. 
It’s March, which means the co-authors at Two Writing Teachers Blog are hosting the annual Slice of Life Story Challenge! Join us in writing and sharing a slice of life story every day of the month.


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