A zoom Fail (But a Life Success)

On Sunday evening I had a zoom planning call with the other co-authors at Two Writing Teachers. We started in the way that all zoom calls begin between people who genuinely like each other: checking in, asking questions, connecting. 

“Wait, so you’re not at home?” 

This question was directed at me a few minutes in. I explained that I was at my brother’s house, taking care of their horses while they were away for the weekend. They had arrived home about half an hour earlier, and after the zoom call, we had plans to go out to dinner together. 

This next part I don’t remember clearly, because at the time, it didn’t make any sense, but Stacey said something close to, “Larkin is at your front door right now with a cake and champagne.” 

“I’m sorry—what?” 

Laughter from everyone. The belly laughter of people who have realized before you have that something has not gone according to plan. 

This lovely group had plotted to have Melanie’s daughter (who lives nearby in Denver) drive to my home to surprise me at the door during our call with props to celebrate the completion of my MFA. (How awesome and thoughtful is that!!) A live celebration with fellow writers who understand what a bucket list accomplishment this MFA is to me—Betsy even had the music ready to go! 

It was a totally reasonable assumption on their part that I would be at home on a Sunday evening, not 40 minutes away, horse sitting. Poor Larkin, standing on the porch at my home, knocking away, texting Melanie, “She’s not answering the door!” 

More laughter. Such a wonderful plan with one critical flaw. . . 

Now, the fact that I’m only halfway through my MFA program quickly became the second funniest part of this whole story. They were a bit early on the bubbly. . . but the gesture was appreciated, nonetheless. 

Love this team so much. 

When I finally got home around 10pm that evening, I had the nicest surprise waiting for me: a handmade card, a mini chocolate cake, and three teeny bottles of Prosecco (so cute!). 

This post is part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge at Two Writing Teachers Blog.


  1. maryleehahn

    The title of your slice says it all!

    Something like this happened to us the year that we were going to go to Vermont for Christmas. My brother decided to surprise us by sending our gifts to the B&B in VT. We were surprised by a snow and ice storm that cancelled our trip! So our gifts spent the holiday in VT without us. (And now I can’t remember how we finally got them…)


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