Creativity is a Balm

Well timed,
these ten days:
burrowed in
to a virtual residency,
surrounded by 
children’s books 
and children’s book people,
the warmth of the best of intentions. 

A self-imposed, creative quarantine. 

I’m shutting out the noise,
crafting my own vaccine
to the detritus
still surfacing 
from 2020. 

These ten days are my escape
and my fuel. 

One email breaks through,
(a sign of spring—I can’t not open it)
an invitation
to join the line. 

(Yes, THAT line.) 

Stretching far beyond
what I can see,
I have no sense
for my place
along its winding path.

For now,
it is enough—
this digital equivalent
of a head nod
in my direction,
an acknowledgement 
that my raised hand
in a sea of raised hands
is visible
and has been counted. 

And in the meantime,
I write. 
This post is part of the Slice of Life Challenge on Two Writing Teachers Blog, where we slice and share on Tuesdays, then every day in the month of March. Join us!


  1. glenda funk

    I love these lines:
    “crafting my own vaccine
    to the detritus
    still surfacing
    from 2020.”
    I think this is a wonderful way to think about the catharsis writing offers. And the lines about nodding into the cyber world and having your have raised speak to our need for convection. Enjoy your writing quarantine.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. theapplesinmyorchard

    I, too, love your use of the detritus! It is so fitting! I also love how you talk about joining the line, the invitation to do so, and how thrilled you are to be seen – all without actually saying the words of what the line is for – because we all know, already! Beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Melanie Meehan

    I can’t wait to read some of what you’re writing in your program! Let me know if you ever want an outside audience. Hand is raised!

    Beautiful poem that captures what you’re going through without giving too much away. Love it.


  4. Tulika

    That’s a beautiful poem with such a happy sense of quiet and solitude. ‘These days are my escape and my fuel’ that spoke to me. Sometimes getting away is the fuel we need to come back and get on with life.


  5. Terje

    “A self-imposed, creative quarantine.” – I like the sound of this. “Children’s books and children’s books people” – makes me smile, so positive. Write, write, write!

    Liked by 1 person

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