Behind the glass
They gather,
And while I’m not judging,
I can’t join them either. 

I remain outside. 

Aspen leaves shake
In the wind,
Clattering together,
Reflecting sunlight,
A rebuke. 

(I can hear it.) 

So much weight,
Knowing doors will open,
Classrooms will welcome
Kids and colleagues,
Who may or may not
Have remained outside

(I can feel it.) 
This post is part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge hosted every Tuesday on Two Writing Teachers Blog. I invite you to check it out and join the slicing community!


  1. Alan J Wright (@alwriting)

    John Burnside wrote this about poetry ‘It aims in every possible way to reaffirm the world that we actually inhabit, in all its vital, messy, beautiful, tragic reality. It is not so much the case that poetry makes nothing happen as that it attempts to reveal what is already happening, to offer a context to events and so propose a means by which the noise of time can be re-experienced as the music of what happens.’ In this post you have employed poetry to help not just yourselves, but other begin to untie some knots in their understanding of these difficult decisions we are being forced to make right at this moment. Thank you for your thought provoking poetry. Thank you for your honesty in writing. It delivers a power to your words. Best wishes for the times ahead.

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